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I think art is in my DNA growing up with an art teacher mother and an architect father. As children my sister and I spent hours in art classrooms and architect studios, experimenting with the various media we found, paints, pencils, marker pens; creativity was an everyday part of our life.


I left school to study at Epsom School of Art & Design and from there as an apprentice Graphic Designer/Typographer in an advertising agency in the west end of London. Along with learning the day-to day-skills to become a graphic designer, I had first hand experience working in a very dynamic industry, which I was fortunate to be part of for 13 years. I took a career break to start my family, freelancing where possible as my daughters grew up. 


Gradually drawing and painting began to become part of my life again and during the past few years I have had a very productive period in my art. I enjoy creating and experimenting in various media, attending workshops, meeting fellow artists and have gradually developed my own style of painting.


I am inspired daily living where I do in Pewsey Vale, with outstanding views from my studio here. I walk almost daily in the landscape and document what I see on camera and in my sketchbook. These visual moments become my references for my paintings and mixed media projects.


I love colour, light, shade, texture, the contours of the land and reflections on the sea. I would like to think this shines through in my work, and I hope the joy I get from painting such beautiful subjects is communicated to the visitors to my studio.

Portrait Photo: Nigel Husdon

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